Infant Romper Sizing Chart

size chart

Rabbit Skin 4426 Romper

  • 5.5 oz., 100% cotton jersey knit t-romper
  • Rib knit collar
  • Double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem
  • Reinforced three snap closure
  • Sizes: 6 Month, 12 Month, 18 Month, 24 Month

It is a given that all 100% cotton garments will shrink. A 100% cotton garment purchased at the store will shrink in the buyers washer/dryer, however, with tie dye, the shrinkage will occur at our manufacturing facility. The amount of shrinkage is no more or less than what would occur in a home washer/dryer. We recommend that the you buy the same size romper as any other 100% romper that you have purchased in the past at a retail store that fits after it has been washed/dryed.

Following these guidelines should help you in selecting your garment size. In addition to the garment manufacturer's pre-wash sizing information, we provide size measurements after we have dyed, washed, and dryed the garment to further assist you in selecting the best size for you. (Please see sizing disclaimer below.)

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Rabbit Skin 4426 Manufacturer's Pre Washed Sizing Post Tie Dye & Washing Size
Width (inches) Length (inches) Width (inches) Length (inches)
Infant 6 Month 11.5 16.0 10.4 14.2
Infant 12 Month 12.0 17.0 11.0 15.2
Infant 18 Month 12.6 18.0 11.2 16.5
Infant 24 Month 13.3 19.0 13.0 17.5


This Gildan 2400 size chart is provided as guideline for sizing purposes. The pre wash long sleeve t-shirt size chart is provided by the garment manufacturer and most manufacturers have tolerance variations anywhere from 0.5 to 1.0 inches on the dimensions listed here. Additionally, all shirt manufacturers reserve the right to change their size dimensions at any time without any prior notice.

The post wash sizing information is not intended to be exact or precise. The amount of post wash shrinkage in 100% cotton garments is highly variable. We provide this information in the spirit of assisting you in your sizing selection but it is not considered to be perfect nor do we consider shirts that do not match this sizing information to be defective.